1732-1809): Divertimento II C -Dur für drei Klarinetten oder drei Bassetthörner

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1. Moderato 2. Adagio cantabile 3. Menuetto 4. Adagio cantabile 5. Finale, Presto. - Audio examples !Bernhard Kösling arranged these Haydn compositions, based on the composer's "Divertimenti per il Pariton a tre" that were written for Prince Nicolaus Esterhazy, who played the principal voice on his Baryton. This instrument was not very popular, and Haydn himself authorized arrangements for other instrumentations.The pieces have been grouped together depending on their tonality and time of origin.

Audio examples information:

The 3 instrumentalists: J. Seggelke, E. Sauer, B. Kösling

Selections from Haydn-Trio II: 3 basset horns built by Schwenk&Seggelke (Hammig, ca.1790).

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Composer / Author
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
Arranged by
Bernhard Kösling
Musikverlag*Hans Jürgen Eckmeier