Joseph Pranzer: Trio Nr. 2 für zwei Klarinetten und Bassetthorn (oder 3 gleiche Klarinetten)

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Eighteenth century music for 2 clarinets in C and basset horn, or 3 equal pitch clarinets (basset horn part is transposed). Please note in your order which parts you need. Advanced level students should be able to master this trio.

There is hardly any biographical material about Joseph Pranzer. Stylistically, he can be placed in the surroundings of Haydn and Pleyel. He left traces of his work in Vienna and Paris, where he published music for flute and for clarinet.

This version of his Trio for 2 clarinets and bassoon was carefully developed for 2 clarinets in C and basset horn by the "Clarimonia" ensemble.Such practice was common and widespread at the end of the XVIII century.

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Composer / Author
Joseph Pranzer
Arranged by
Bernhard Kösling
Musikverlag*Hans Jürgen Eckmeier